Dog For Sale

Before you head for the “Dog for sale” classified ad on the Sunday paper, please double make sure about your willingness or readiness to add another family member, especially if you’re considering taking a puppy home “just for the kids.”

Evaluating your whole family lifestyle carefully before committing to this life-long responsibility has proven to be helpful in ensuring that this is the right decision for all the parties involved – your family and the puppy, that is.

Is your home big enough for the puppy to have its own space to play around without bothering any one of your family members? Are you at home enough to take care of the odds and ends at the beginning stage? Have you got time to take the puppy for a walk daily? And most important of all, are you patient enough to take care of the puppy after it’s joined you as a family member? dog puppy

If most of your answers are affirmative, then congratulation! You are now ready to welcome this cute little puppy home and have fun.

However, if you’re depending upon the “Dog for sale” ad to look for the ideal puppy, then there are a few major things you’d need to take notice of:

1. The health of the puppy dogs is the most important thing. Honest dog breeders will be happy to answer any question you may have about their puppy dogs. It is important to talk to several different breeders before making a decision to purchase so that you can make the most well informed and educated decision. Some “Dog for sale” ads are actually run by very reputable dog breeders that are so professional and know what they’re doing that they’d have covered a lot of bases for you if you end up purchasing from them.

2. Deworming your puppy is a critical part of puppy care, after you’ve made the right choice for the lucky candidate. Over 98% of all puppy dogs are born with worms that they contracted from their mothers. Another major issue is with tick and fleas. All that biting, scratching and jumping around all day because of the tick and fleas will surely drive anyone crazy just to watch. Making sure to bring the puppy to visit the vet on a regular basis will make life whole lot easier, especially at the beginning stage of “home coming.”

3. Puppies need a consistent timetable with plenty of chances to eliminate. Their bladders and bowels are small and they cannot “hold it” until you get home. A very young puppy is just like a pee and poop machine. Puppies can also mark and urinate when they are submissive or afraid. House training your new puppy should start as soon as it comes home. Puppies are very quick learners and will soon pick up the need for them to go outside to the toilet. Therefore, make sure you have a crate to set enough area in which your puppy can learn to perform normal functions.

4. As a puppy gets older and can hold it longer, the crate becomes less necessary. Just make sure that if you allow your puppy freedom, it is still limited in a safe environment. Use a crate correctly and it establishes restrictions for your dog when you are not home to watch his behavior. A crate can also define a safe area for your puppy dog to be in if you’re having company and you have a “less obedient” puppy dog.