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“Do You See What I See?”

This month, everywhere you look, you see the story of Jesus’ birth being celebrated and retold throughout “Christian” Nations. Now when I say retold, in some cases I actually MEAN retold: a story re-imagined: altered and reinvented to be more aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. Nowadays we see little drummer boys show up in Bethlehem, […] Continue reading →

“The Best Word”

There is a well-traveled (and many-versioned) story that involves the interaction between British author Rudyard Kipling and an autograph-seeker. At the height of his success, in 1907, a newspaper calculated that Rudyard Kipling was earning approximately the American equivalent of a dollar per word for his writing (this equates to about $22 dollars today, adjusted […] Continue reading →

“Losing Weight ”

It seems that we are all very concerned about our weight, especially around this time of year when two of our biggest food-related Holidays are celebrated just weeks apart. It’s very common indeed to be a bit preoccupied with weight during this particular season. In modern scientific usage, weight is a force that results from the action […] Continue reading →

“The Superpower ”

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on our shores in 1621 by the Pilgrims (not to be confused with Puritans) at Plymouth Plantation in 1621. Though it wasn’t the first Thanksgiving ever celebrated, or certainly the last, but it’s the one we, as Americans, remember today and that’s due, in great part, to our 16th President […] Continue reading →

“The Other One”

I think most of us credit ourselves with being longsuffering, forgiving and patient (even if we don’t deserve such credit). There is no getting around the fact that in this life, we are going to get on each other’s nerves; we are going to irritate one another; we are going to face contention, and sometimes […] Continue reading →


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like it for a number of reasons: it allows you to be anything you like, for a day; you get to eat any leftover trick-or-treat candy without guilt; there is no elaborate meal one is expected to prepare; there are no holiday gift lists to make; and no social […] Continue reading →


Last Saturday I lost my internet connection suddenly at my home. What a drag, right? Why I feel so crippled without an internet connection, I’ll never know, but I do. When I lose my access to instant information, I feel a bit secluded, isolated, alone, adrift. I feel similarly when my area is experiencing a […] Continue reading →

“Five Smooth Stones”

What is most fascinating about the Bible is its depth of content, I think. Sometimes I read a certain passage, or story in Scripture and I suddenly notice an element (seemingly unimportant) that had previously been unacknowledged, and that same one small element changes the entire context; the entire message that God has for me. […] Continue reading →


This week I am making plans to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Recently, the aquarium has acquired a small Great White Shark and he is on public display in their enormous open water tank. These exhibitions are quite rare for two reasons: the Great White Shark, historically, has not been able to exist in captivity […] Continue reading →


The very first Labor Day in America was observed on September 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union of New York. It became a federal holiday in 1894, when, following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike, President Grover Cleveland put […] Continue reading →


During the week I volunteer as a tutor for the Sonoma County Literacy Program. I find it to be rewarding helping others and being able to use the interest I have in both literature and our English language to help others develop an appreciation for it as well. It can be a challenge, though; especially […] Continue reading →


Oftentimes I can’t decide whether to be grateful or saddened by the fact that we rarely get to see the deep influence we have on others, on each other. Life is not lived in a vacuum; we do not exist in isolation one from another. We all interact, and born from that interaction is influence; […] Continue reading →


I have been a resident of Sonoma County for over 12 years and yet, somehow, I have managed to never visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum, located in Santa Rosa. On Monday of this past week, I corrected my longstanding oversight. It is a very small, but well-appointed museum with some personal artifacts and many, […] Continue reading →

“R & R”

In the armed forces, R&R means “rest & relaxation”. If you are on “R&R”, you are taking a break from everyday service; fundamentally, you are on vacation. But even on vacation, removed from day-to-day duties and responsibilities, you are still expected to conduct yourself in a proper manner, or you are subject to the consequences […] Continue reading →