“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened…” (By: Mike Sherman)

These are the inviting words spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Mt. 11:28). He goes on to say “….and I will give you rest.” What a great and precious promise for those who decide to accept the invitation.
There countless ways we may find ourselves “weary and burdened” or as the NAS says “weary and heavy-laden.” Simply being aware of all the terrible events that have taken place in this world in the past, as well as current events around the globe that worry us today. On a more personal level we may have health problems that weigh us down on an on-going basis. Perhaps it’s the trouble in the lives of loved ones that brings us to the point of weariness. The shame, guilt, and separation from our Father in heaven we experience as a result of sin is certainly a “burden” we can’t bear on our own. As I mentioned, the possibilities are endless.
The good news is regardless of the source of our weariness or burdens that seem so unbearable at times Jesus will make good on His promise to give us rest. Jesus said “Come to Me,………and I will give you rest.” We must be willing to humble ourselves and come to the ONLY one who has the power to lift bear our burden and relieve our weariness—OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.
Perhaps it’s time for us to “come to Him” by spending some time alone with our Savior, listening to Him by simply reading His teachings, and praying to Him. After all, he’s ALWAYS available, but are we? Jesus knew the importance of rest for him and his disciples during his earthly ministry. Mark 6:31-32-Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (32) So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.
Let’s strive this coming week to find a quiet place to spend some time with Jesus and experience the “rest” for our souls he promises.

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